Raising awareness and educating farmers on management of fall armyworm in Volta region, Ghana

The Ghana National Learning Alliance (NLA) and a SAIRLA-funded research project ‘Gender and Legume Alliance (GALA)’, led by CABI, worked together to address the fall armyworm challenge. GALA was promoting improved legume technologies to farmers in the north of Ghana, but also distributed films on tackling fall armyworm at scale.

GALA and the NLA shared evidence of more effective campaign approach in relation to the management and control of fall armyworm (FAW) with district level extension officers in the Volta Region. They also distributed films on prevention, control and management of FAW to the extension services in nine Ghanaian languages.

The Ghana National Learning Alliance with support from the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO), succeeded in influencing the MoFA, the national FAW Taskforce, farmers and other key actors to jointly focus on better planning for FAW management. As a result of a coordinated approach by the NLA, biological control of FAW is gradually becoming a preferred choice which reduces risks to people and the environment from hazardous pesticide use.


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