Revitalizing the extension system in Ghana Recommendations for enhancing the role of communication and information


The extension sector in Ghana is evolving, with opportunities to make extension services more inclusive by improving the manner in which information is delivered to farmers. This policy brief explores how pluralistic approaches would support the development of a more inclusive service, through: i) an improved ratio of extension officers to support to farmers; ii) effective delivery of information through production of consistent content from different actors; iii) and use of targeted communication channels and feedback loops.

Within the development of the government and private sector services there is the opportunity to:

  • achieving gender balance in the recruitment of extension staff;
  • building district level teams of multi-skilled generalist extension officers, supported by ad hoc trained specialist extension officers;
  • moving away from blanket agronomic recommendations;
  • enhancing delivery of extension messages through ICT and e-solutions, provided that implementers consider uneven and unequal access to technology among farmers.


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