SITAM: Malawi interim report, November 2018

This report summarises the initial analysis of farm household case studies undertaken in Mwansambo Extension Planning Area (EPA), Central Malawi, within the framework of the SITAM project (Sustainable intensification: trade-offs for agricultural management). The project aims to address the challenges and opportunities of smallholder farmers, in particular poor farmers and women farmers, in managing the trade-offs between production, sustainability and other socioeconomic and environmental factors. 10 case study households were purposefully selected from the baseline survey that was conducted at the beginning of the project to represent a range from low to high extent of SIA. The objective of the household case studies is to understand the perceptions and visions of SIA of different households, and different household members, particularly in terms of the main influences on farmer decisions that establish trade-offs and synergies. The aim is to develop detailed participatory findings on trade-offs and synergies and the level of success in terms of sustainable intensification. These findings will contribute to the formulation of specific recommendations for how to effectively promote Sustainable Agricultural Intensification


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