Smallholder Risk Management Solutions (SRMS) in Malawi and Ethiopia Replicable Business Model, Malawi: Social inclusion and impact evaluation

A Replicable Business Model (RBM) using a revolving seed fund and managed by a cooperative was introduced in Phalombe district, southern Malawi to increase the supply of certified seed of improved pigeonpea varieties. After two years of operation, a household survey was conducted in the 2018-19 cropping season to evaluate the RBM in terms of social inclusion and the commercialisation of pigeonpea.

The general objective of this report is to assess the performance of the RBM in terms of social inclusion and impact. Specifically, the objectives are to:
1) Compare the poverty status of participating and non-participating households; and
2) Measure the impact of the RBM on the commercialization of pigeonpea.


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