SRMS: The commercialisation of pigeon pea and women’s income in southern Malawi: a simulation game

The general objective of the study is to determine whether the development of the value chain for pigeonpea in Malawi poses a risk for gender equity. Specifically, the objectives are to determine:

  • the degree of control and the share of income from pigeonpea that women currently enjoy;
  • how women’s control and share of income from pigeonpea might change with commercialisation; and
  • the level of control and income women would trade off in exchange for a higher household income from pigeonpea.

This report details the results of a simulation game played by husbands and wives in southern Malawi which allowed the project to quantify gendered differences in the use of income from pigeonpea, to measure women’s control over income, and to measure how these might change as a result of commercialisation.


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