Story of Change: Increasing the capacity of Ethiopia’s Ministry of Agriculture to digitise its advisory and extension system

This story of change describes the NLA’s contribution in 2018 and 2019 with regard to improved support to the Ethiopia’s extension system to digitise its extension and advisory services and  put in place a structure to coordinate related efforts. The success of the change process is important for  SAIRLA’s stakeholders and partners:

  • It fills gaps in the pursuit of Ethiopia’s extension strategy by developing structure and guidelines for digitising extension support in the country.
  • It creates a structure for coordination of inputs and resources of various actors in the agricultural extension and advisory system.
  • It creates an information and knowledge platform on agricultural extension and advisory system that is accessible to front line extension workers and smallholder male, female and youth farmers.

The smallholder farmers access timely information and extension messages and services at less cost and at a convenient time.


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