Story of Change: Transferring lessons – learning from Burkina Faso for conflict mediation in Tanzania

Conflict between crop farmers and livestock herders is a serious concern in Tanzania, particularly in areas where transhumant livestock moves through areas where cropland is expanding. When presenting the findings of the ResLeSS project’s learning process to the Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries in Dodoma, they were excited to hear about the experience in Burkina Faso, where the learning process created an opportunity to mediate the conflict between pastoralists and agro-pastoralists. In response, the ResLeSS team produced a policy brief showcasing the lessons from both Tanzania and Burkina Faso and held a series of meetings with members of the Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries, to provide more information about the learning process and CLEANED R tool and explore how it could be used for conflict resolution in Tanzania. So far, it has been agreed to include the learning process in the collection of tools used by the Conflict Resolution Committee and look for opportunities to test the process in a conflict-stricken area, such as Katavi region.


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