National Learning Alliance – Zambia

The Zambia National Learning Alliance (NLA) is hosted by and facilitated by a team of experts from We Effect, University of Zambia and Sustainable Innovations Africa. 

The Zambia NLA has focused its work on the SAIRLA themes around priority issues for the country’s agriculture sector and works closely with SAIRLA’s two  research projects in Zambia  to engage decision makers on SAI evidence and tools under the themes of;

1. EQUITY: Land.

2. TRADE-OFFS: Extensification vs Intensification

3. SERVICES: Extension and advisory services.

 2019 activities include;

  • A learning visit in collaboration with the Zambia Land Alliance to one of the Customary Land Certificate pilot sites with the aim of bringing with government and traditional leaders together to discuss land issues.
  •  A learning visit to districts that participated in the pilot of customary land certificates by the USAID programme, to collect qualitative data on the impact of the pilot more than one year after the end of the programme.
  • Field visits to districts participating in three donor-funded agricultural support programmes to test the participatory trade-off tool and dashboard developed by the SAIRLA research project Bringing evidence to bear on negotiating ecosystem service and livelihood trade-offs in sustainable agricultural intensification”.
  • Working with a coalition of NGOs to strengthen the NGO contribution to the  Government of Zambia’s CAADAP process.
  • Review of agricultural extension delivery models in three districts in partnership with the Zambian Forum for Agricultural Extension and Advisory Services (ZAFAAS)
  • A high level learning event in Lusaka  to bring evidence from SAIRLA research projects to key national government, donor and private sector decision makers

NLA facilitation team

NLA Zambia is facilitated by We Effect Zambia

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