National Learning Alliance – Ghana

The Ghana National Learning Alliance (NLA) is hosted and facilitated by the 

The Ghana NLA has focused its work on the SAIRLA themes around priority issues for the country’s agriculture sector identified by members. It works closely with SAIRLA’s three research projects in Ghana to engage decision makers on SAI evidence and tools under the themes of;

1. SERVICES: Pesticide Access and Policy (case study Fall Armyworm (FAW));

2. EQUITY: Gender and climate smart agriculture investments;

3. TRADE-OFFS: Alternate protein sources for sustainable livestock feed resource management and smallholder decision-making around inputs.

2019 activities include;

  • The NLA will continue to work closely with CABI to share information and evidence on pesticide choice with the Government of Ghana FAW Task Force to inform the FAW Action plan and Government decisions on spend for the coming year.
  • A series of media articles sharing evidence from the SAIRLA SITAM project to inform debate around improved government input subsidies to favour smallholder SAI
  • A policy brief drawing on Ghana specific research on gender dimensions of Climate Smart Agriculture to inform the implementation of the National Climate Smart Agriculture and Food Security Action Plan.
  • A learning visit to a black soldier fly larvae breeding project to build on interest from government and private investors generated through evidence shared by the NLA. The NLA is developing a technology profile / investor brief to meet investors information needs.
  • Dissemination meetings and events to share the findings of  the SAIRLA research projects in Ghana with key decision makers;

o   A case study on gender and land in Ghana from the IITA Tools & Metrics project and testing of the project’s tool kit and manual

o   A district level event in partnership with the SAIRLA GALA project to share the project’s findings on effective campaign approaches for SAI messaging

o   Sharing of evidence from the SAIRLA SITAM project for an improved understanding of smallholder farmers’ trade-offs in choosing between high and low input agricultural technologies. 

NLA facilitation team

NLA Ghana is facilitated by the Centre for Agriculture and Bioscience International (CABI).

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